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Hello50 is committed to supporting the unique needs of women over 50, 60 and beyond.  The website and vlog highlights topics that impact women as they mature to include career and business, health, fashion, beauty, relationships, travel, adventure and so much more! Hello50 is dedicated to supporting ALL women as they continue to learn, find their purpose, enhance their own voice and feel more empowered with every passing year.  We hope you join us on this journey as we navigate this amazing time in our lives.


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 Marijo and April   

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Thank You For Taking Us To Top 50 Over 50!

In just two months, Hello50 earned a ranking in the Feedspot Top 50 websites dedicated to women over 50. Thank you for your support! Let's keep it going. Tune in regularly and catch up on all of our latest content!

Listen To Our Interview With Twisting The Plot

Twisting The Plot is a podcast dedicated to women over 50 who are rewriting the next chapter of their lives. Cecilia and Hannah challenge us to recognize that we have so much more to give and do.  We had a great discussion about our journey to launching our website and what to expect next from Hello50. Thank you Hannah and Cecilia! 

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