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2020 Has Been A Real Doozie! What Have You Learned About Yourself this Year?

2020: I think we might have run out of adjectives and memes to describe the year. We have ALL been impacted in one way or another either physically, emotionally, financially or the way in which we live our daily lives. Have you taken a moment to reflect on what you have learned about yourself during 2020? We were curious to learn what women over 50 have discovered about themselves or life after this tumultuous year.

We asked women to share their thoughts and here is what they told us about their reflections about 2020.

  • Resilience: “I am stronger than I thought.” We heard this from several women. They shared that they were surprised how they have bounced back despite what has come their way.

  • Flexibility: One woman shared that she has always been pretty set in her ways but she has become more flexible given life changes. Women shared that while change can be scary, they have successfully adapted what has come their way..

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: We heard from a lot of women who feel that they were too focused on things that were not important and they have learned to focus on what really matters in life. “Prior to 2020, I wouldn’t leave the house even to go to the grocery store without make-up and although looking nice is still important, my values have shifted.” Who knew masks would be the new lipstick shade in 2020?

  • Fortunate: “I have taken a moment to appreciate that I have a job, a home, security, health and friends and family.” This is a message we heard quite often. Women expressed that they no longer take for granted gifts they have in life.

  • Give Back: “There is real pain out there. I want to find ways to help.” Many women told us that they are already giving to charities or volunteering but their future goal is to volunteer and give more. They shared that 2020 has inspired them to re-evaluate their priorities.

  • Creativity: “I didn’t think I had it in me.” We have all seen the videos of home projects in process. Women told us that they have renovated bathrooms, renewed their passion of painting, learned new crafts, begun work out programs, expanded their baking and cooking skills as well as started writing. Women have embarked on new adventures from the comfort of their home and seemingly surprised themselves about their under utilized talents.

  • There is a Silver Lining: Despite the challenges of 2020, women told us they have learned to appreciate the “silver lining” in all of the chaos of the year. “We pulled out and dusted off board games we had not played in years.” Women shared that 2020 has taught them that they had become removed from some of the more important aspects of life. This year has been a time to enjoy cooking dinner and eating as a family, taking long walks, slowing down and spending time talking and laughing on the phone with friends and family. They said they would make life adjustments even after we return to “normal.”

  • Eat Cake and Drink Wine: One of the women in the Hello50 community broke down 2020 this way: “Eat the piece of cake and drink the glass of wine.” She said she has learned this year how precious life is and take a moment to enjoy simple pleasures! She is not advocating “over indulging” but if you want the cake, eat it.

The impact of 2020 transcends socio-economic standing, race, gender, political views and geographic differences. Many people have taken the opportunity to recognize that while we can’t ignore the tragic impact on so many people, there is also an opportunity to take inventory of how we live our lives and perhaps make some long term changes. 2021: We are ready for you!

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