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6 Tips for Setting An Inviting Table for the Holidays

Whether your "bubble" is a table for two or a bit more expansive, nothing brightens up a meal like a perfectly set dinner table. We all have grandma's china or the place settings that we picked out for our wedding registry years ago and definitely would not choose it again today. Be a little daring this year and combine individual pieces from both of those sets to accent your dinner table and create a more interesting appeal. Let's take a look at some unique yet elegant ways to put some cheer in a holiday dinner by setting a fabulous table.

1) Linen Selection

It is best to use a neutral color and plain pattern rather than a holiday themed or colored linen. Allow the accents to broadcast your holiday exuberance while your linen selection portrays a feeling of elegance.

2) Place settings

It’s fun to mix and match the plates to give the table an eclectic look. Select a color palette of 2 to 3 colors but add a pop of another color using an individual item throughout your table. Enjoy using graphics, patterns and even match a casual larger plate with a more formal salad plate. Use a whole different textured plate as your bread basket or an animal print butter bowl. If you have a holiday patterned place setting your are dying to use, include one of the plates as an accent. Allow your place settings to create a visual presentation.

3) Stemware and glasses

When it comes to your glassware, use a variety of heights between beverage and wine glasses to establish contrasting dimensions. Like your place settings, add unique glass to add interest to your table setting. Is there a local artisan who creates glassware? Support her local small business while spicing up your dinner table.

4) Add personalized name cards

Add a beautiful name card tent for each place setting. Use beautiful holiday design and make them beautiful. Do you want to avoid dinner table topics like COVID-19 and politics? Include in each name card a question so you can go around the table throughout the dinner and enjoy some great conversation starters for you and your guests. As an alternative, add a different inspirational quote inside each name tent and ask each guest to share the quote.

5) The Centerpiece

Allow the centerpiece to be the star of the show. Include elements from the outside such as berries, pomegranate, and pine shavings. As a rule of thumb, long and lean works best for your dinner party. You don't want your guests competing with the centerpiece while trying to engage with other guests nor do you want it to take up too much space for your guests to gather comfortably.

6) Candles

If you have room on your table, a few candles add a nice glow and elegance to any dinner table. Be mindful of the scent. You don't want to overpower the room, frown out the aroma from the food or even worse, some of your guests might not enjoy the scent of candles.

When thinking about your dinner table this holiday season, remember the 3 c's: creative, comfortable and cozy. Don't be afraid to mix different elements in the overall dining experience. Make sure your guests can enjoy the ambiance of the environment but not compete with it. Include fun elements to set the tone for an enjoyable dinner together. If you are not able to celebrate in a group this holiday season, keep your spirits high by looking forward to using these tips for a future gathering with friends and family.

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