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8 Reasons To Include Boxing in Your Workout Routine

When it comes to working out, finding the right program and following it consistently can be a challenge. As we age, we often think of yoga, weight training, speed walking, tennis or pickle ball to stay fit. Have you ever thought about incorporating boxing into your exercise routine? We spoke with Gail Gensler and she shared with us that she has been hooked on boxing since her first class in 1999. At 59 years young, Gail explains, she has been active her whole life and loves motivating others to also stay fit. She tells us "My lifestyle keeps me in my physical prime, no matter what my age is."

Gail shared with us benefits of incorporating boxing into your workout routine:

1) Total body workout: It is a great use of your time. Spend an hour in class and you workout every part of your body.

2) Muscle tone development: Improves your functional strength.

3) It can be empowering: Hitting the bag is an empowering experience.

4) Technique to develop:You will be motivated by your improvements in form and technique. Reaching your goals is motivating!

5) Feel the vibes: You will be inspired by moving to the groove of the music.

6) Coordination: Improved fast feet movement and eye hand coordination.

7) Brain Development: Remembering the combinations takes memory and brain power.

8) Connect with like-minded people: Make a connection with other people who share a passion for in the same niche.

If you want to learn more about including boxing into your workouts, go to for ideas on how to get started. It might just be the knockout you need in your workout routine.

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