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Albertini International - Meeting the Beauty Needs of Women as we Age

Valorie Albertini has been involved with many aspects of the beauty business for the

past 30 years. Hello50 is excited to partner with Albertini International. Coming soon: We will talk with Valorie to hear about her journey to launching Albertini International AND what we can do to nourish our skin at any age!

I was recruited by Jerri Reddding and spent years testing new products

as Jhirmack’s Manager of Skin Care and Cosmetics. During my 9 years with Sebastian

International, I served as Director of New Product Development as well as their

corporate emcee and speaker worldwide. Companies such as Mastey de Paris, Tressa

and Murad have utilized my skills and knowledge lecturing for them around the world,

from Tokyo to Rome and extensively throughout the United States. My years of

experience have given me the ability to navigate through the haze of beauty fiction and

fact with clarity and common sense. I am a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, and


There is most likely something in your bathroom I worked on.

It all began with a desire to solve a problem that plagued me as well as my friends and

clientele. The problem that affects millions of women as they enter menopause - dry

skin. One of them came to me one day and said, “you have done this for others you whole

life, can’t you make something for us that lasts more than a few hours and doesn’t

smell." Years of experience as a developer of beauty products had given me the

knowledge to pinpoint the solution: restore skin's Natural Moisture Factor (NMF)!

My longtime Philly friends were honest and outspoken, giving me invaluable feedback

about everything, telling me what worked and what did not. After years of testing and

refining, Divine Skin Hydrator was perfected, and this fabulous solution to restoring

NMF was introduced to the marketplace.

With the help of fellow “Wild Woman” and business partner, Janice Petit de Mange,

Albertini International continues to grow and introduce other products designed

especially for women aged 40 and over. And yes, this group of friends continue to

laugh together, supporting each other’s dreams, and lifting Albertini International as it

continues to meet the beauty needs of women old enough to know and young enough to care.

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