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Debunking Myths About Dating After 50

Dating after 50 can seem overwhelming because of the myths, so let’s debunk them together!

Have you entered your 50s and would like to find the perfect life partner? If yes, then you may have come across some discouraging MYTHS such as “you won’t find the right partner because of your age.” Should you believe any of these? Absolutely not! Let us talk about why. Dating after 50 is not at all hopeless. A recent survey of 2000 singles (with about half of them being over 50 years of age) revealed that as many as 72% of those surveyed over 50 said that they were open to finding love in their future. Interestingly, 50% of these older adults reported that the most common misconception about them was that they were not interested in sex. So, is dating a no-no for you? Not at all. What are those dating after 50 myths and what are our responses to those myths?

Older Adults Are Less Interested in Sex

Let’s face it. Most everybody would like to enjoy a healthy sex at any age. Experts say that 63% of people between the ages of 50-80 still enjoy an active sex life. The frequency and sex drive may decrease with each age group, however, people continue to enjoy intimacy. Other rumors say that 50-Plus singles don’t have good health for an active sex life. Nope, not at all true. Given medical options, anti-aging procedures and more awareness about fitness means that many people in their 50s and beyond are feeling younger. Yes, men and women over 50 still experience the natural changes that come with age, like wrinkles, impotence, and menopause, but this is not stopping them from being open and willing to finding love and having a heppy sex life.

Older Singles Are Not Open Minded When it Comes to Dating

That is also not true!. The OurTime survey found that 25% of people over age 50 view life in a more positive light and 63% of them report that they are much more confident as compared to in their 20s. This suggests that older adults are more accepting of the highs and lows of life and relationships, and are more ready to face them optimistically. Interestingly, people in this age bracket are also open to different types of relationships, including 45% interested in “friends with benefits” and 20% are dating more than one person at a time.

50-Plus Singles Are Not Looking for Long-Term Commitment

When they are dating, they are looking for one or more of these three things: companionship, casual fun, or marriage. Believe it or not, the survey revealed that up to 50% of these adults want to date because they want to get married. Even experiences like reaching midlife, divorce, or having kids do not discourage them from seeking deeper, meaningful connections. About 72% of 50-plus singles admit that they are ready to find love in the future. 76% of men are hopeful about finding love as compared to 69% of women.

Older Men Are Women-Chasers Just Like Younger Men

Good news is this myth also seems to NOT be true. Men over 50 and beyond have more responsibilities and mature with age so what they want in a partner changes. Yes, some men choose to 'chase' young women but many men are actively seeking the company of women in their age group. Their expectations change with age and you might find the over 50 dating pool to look or shall we say act different than those younger years. Older men are looking for a deeper connection and they are finding that connection with women in their age group. If this is something you are interested in, as well, then it can work out for the best!

All the Good Guys Are Taken

It is true that the number of available men to women over 50 does continually drop with the progression of age. However, that does not mean there are not available, single men for women interested in pursuing a relationship. Take a look at the top 10 dating sites for singles over 50 and it is obvious men and women are seeking partners in their age group.

Mid-Lifers Are Not Picky About Their Partners

Not at all. In fact, surveys have found that most 50+ singles are pickier than they were in their earlier years. As we age, both men and women know which traits are important to them in a partner. Do you want to know what this age group deems as the most attractive trait in a partner? Well, it is optimism. And the most common deal-breakers are pessimism, smoking, and a messy financial status.

So, remember – finding love at age 50 and beyond is totally possible. Just stay positive (it could be a huge turn-on) and be ready. You will find love (or it will find you!). Good luck!

Want to share any myths that you have come across about dating at 50 or beyond? Let us know in the comments section below!

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