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Do You Know Your Fashion Style

By Cindy Lovas

When fashion stylist and Hello50 contributor Cindy Lovas provided “Fashion Tips for Women Over 50” in our April 7th article, tip number 1 was Be You! Cindy tells women to own their style with confidence. But then we wonder, do we even know what our style is? Take this fashion quiz, which is a tool Cindy uses to help her clients understand their style preferences, to identify your fashion style.

Select which choices BEST describes you and add your totals below:

1. My Favorite Color Combos Include: A.  Beige, putty, creams, gray-green B.  Ivory, navy, grey, dark brown C. Pink, mauve, baby blue D. Black, red, orange, chartreuse, turquoise

2. My Favorite Fabrics Include: A. Cotton, tinsel, ramie, all-natural fibers, and cotton knits, wash and wear styles B. Fine quality fabrics such as: silk, wools, elegant tweeds, soft cashmeres  C. Velvets, lace, brocades, embroidered materials D. Suede, leather, patterned pashmina, fur, and beaded Material

3. My Favorite Hairstyle is:  A. Casual (straight or curly) wash and wear B. Controlled, medium length, could be pulled back and conservatively colored C. Long, loose, wavy or curled D. Sleek, straight, maybe even asymmetrical 

4. My Favorite Shoes Are: A. Loafers, deck shoes, hiking boots, plain pumps B. Spectacular, quality pumps, riding boots, finest quality flats  C. Ballet flats, lace-up boots, delicate sling backs, MaryJane’s  D. Suede boots, multi-colored and multi-fabric heels, geometric slides

5. My Favorite Accessories Include: A. Jewelry made with silver and stones, woods, shells, cotton bandanas, simple scarves, simple hand- tooled leather belts and purses B. Fine silk designer-type scarves, pearls, medium sized jewelry, diamond or studs,  C. Lace scarves, floral design jewelry, fabric belts, indelicate colors and filigree  D. Bold geometric jewelry, pashmina, or oversized shawls and wraps, large suede velvet or leather bags

6. My Ideal Weekend Would Be: A. Snowboarding, skiing, or golfing B. Country home to include sailing and family dinner C. Romantic bed and breakfast with cozy breakfasts and romantic dinners D. Exotic locale with sightseeing, dining and shopping

7. My Favorite Clothes Are:        

A. Comfortable, simply styled, wash and wear separates B. Tailored, classic, separated or suits C. Soft, draping lines, geometric and asymmetrical shapes D. Straight, spare lines, geometric and asymmetrical shapes 

8. I Am Often Described As: A. Down to earth, practical and warm B. Elegant, tasteful and confident C. Feminine, caring and romantic D. Creative, colorful, outgoing and dynamic 

9. The celebrity (style) I Most Identify with Includes: A. Helen Hunt, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston  B. Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah, Katie Couric, Meryl Streep  C. Jane Seymour, Jaclyn Smith, Nicole Kidman, Rachel Mc Adams  D. Madonna, Cher, Charlize Theron, Sofia Vergara

Add up your responses and enter your total below.

 A._______   B. _________ C. _______ D.________

See your results here!

Cindy Lovas is a fashion stylist who providing virtual fashion consultation.

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