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Fabulous Makeup Routine for Women Over 50


YOU, as a woman, have experienced so much. You have been taking care of everybody around you for as long as you can remember. You probably spent years with hardly any time for yourself! Look how far you have come! Be proud of the life you have built. Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished and focus on yourself! We all know if you LOOK GOOD, you FEEL GOOD. Taking care of your skin is essential. It builds self-confidence. An effective routine can help prevent issues like acne and wrinkles.

Makeup enhances our looks and adds glamor to life. As we know, our makeup routines change as we age. You deserve some ME TIME more than ever. Plus, investing time in yourself is NEVER a waste.

Buckle up, we're going on a ride to discover our makeup routine after 50 and ways to keep our healthy skin forever young? Keep reading to know quick and easy ways to get a bright and youthful glow. 


It’s Good for Your Skin

What you eat is a crucial part of having healthy skin that can make you look younger and fresh. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. These molecules can curb the damage caused by unstable molecules that harm the skin cells and cause aging.


While eating healthy can help your skin, a perfect soft eye makeup adds a graceful touch. For your eye crease, go with any light shade of gray. Don't take your eye shadow and take it down. It should always be upwards and keep going with the stroke. Eyeliner is the most challenging process of makeup, especially when you are doing it on yourself. So, continue reading if you want to find out an eyeliner trick!!


Keep Your Skin Clean

Think of your skin as a CANVAS. So, it needs to be cleansed before you begin your art work. The key to luminous skin is to get rid of debris like dirt, pollution particles, and oil. You may use any facial cleanser or lotion and use cotton to help you scrub. 

Cleansing Before Applying Makeup

For women over 50, there is a balance that will help you look younger. Before applying any makeup product, always start with a cleansed skin and a naturally rich moisturizer for a nourishing look.



Three most essential ingredients that can help you clear your skin, WATER, WATER, and last but not least, WATER. Hydrating has to be your top priority. Lack of hydration makes your skill DULL and welcomes wrinkles.


It is of course normal to have dry skin over 50 so make sure your skin is exceptionally hydrated before you apply makeup. Use a natural creamy lotion and let it soak in. Women over 50 should stick to a more natural look when selecting shades of your color. But again, this applies for an everyday routine, if you want to go full glam on a special event, go for it! 



Boost your glow by using shimmery lotion. Use creams and formulas that include humectant ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid that help draw moisture into your skin that instantly gives a plump and smooth GLOW. 


Choose a lightweight foundation that has the perfect color for your skin. A lot of women go for light foundations because they worry about getting a fake orange type look, but if you go too bright, it may have the adverse effect. It’s best to apply foundation with your hands because it melts the product in your skin pretty well. But don't go too hard, or it may wipe all the makeup away. Apply concealer on your eyelids as well. If you have transparent skin, your veins become prominent. Notice how your eye makeup will just

pop and make you look so awake with just that one trick.


Start with a gel eyeliner in black, and then soften it with shadow for density to get a full and fruitful result. Stick as close to your lash line as possible and use a skipping motion, then open your eye look in the mirror. Take your brush or pencil and go the opposite

direction and create an upturn and don't yank it from the edge to the forehead. Finally, take a gray shadow and buff it over the line that you made. Use the same color for you under eye but don't go too hard or else it will look like you have a black eye.


DIY Anti-aging Face Mask.


1 teaspoon of HONEY

2 teaspoon of MILK

1 teaspoon of COCOA POWDER

Cocoa powder helps soften and detoxify your skin. Raw cocoa powder increases the elasticity of your skin which helps with fine lines and reduces scars.

Mixing Instructions

Start by mixing honey and milk. Gradually, add cocoa powder to get the right consistency. Make sure it is not too thick and not too runny. Mix everything well and VOILA, your mask is ready! Apply the mask to a clean face and leave it for 20 minutes. After washing your face, you can apply anti-ageing cream too! Add turmeric and almond oil to further reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

When applying make-up over 50, it’s all about getting that natural, youthful glow and emphasizing your AMAZING features. Take the time to invest in your skin and don’t be afraid to experiment with a new approach to applying make-up. Changing skin is all part of the aging process but it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to look and feel beautiful at any age. Continue to invest in yourself as part of your happy and healthy lifestyle!

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