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Fashion Tip #3 for Women Over 50: Learn to Love Your Shapewear

By Cindy Lovas

We are continuing our travels down the Fashion Tips for the Road for women over 50. Let’s put Tip #3, Learning to LOVE Shapewear, into focus. Before taking any long road trip, it is wise to check under the car hood to make sure the engine is working at its very best. Dressing our bodies is no different. Before you can look chic and stylish, you have to

look under those fabulous clothes to the undergarments and ask if your body looks its very best! Ignoring proper undergarments can completely ruin your appearance. Bras, panties and shapewear are tools in our tool belt to look fabulous no matter our size or shape! This tool is even more needed as we age and our bodies change. Remember, undergarments are used to help our clothing drape over our silhouette not be a second skin. Go for that sexy black dress but be sure to pay as much attention to the underpinnings as much as the outfit.

BRAS: The right bra enhances your curves, holds in extra bounce and isn’t so tight that is creates lumps. Take the extra time and a little more expense and be properly fitted for a bra. Nordstrom and Von Maur are just a couple retailers that offer this service at no charge. You might have to try on quite a few styles but once you find the one that fits, you are going to look marvelous in all your summer tees!

PANTIES: Time to refresh your lingerie drawer with tummy vanishing and invisible line styles. The right panty should cover your bottom and not be so tight they create bulges. I’m totally in love with the Soma brand. They hold in my “menopause middle” and create a streamlined look for my pants, skirts and shorts. If bikini or thong styles suit you, great….be sure to check for invisible panty line styles. Hint: look at your booty in the mirror and check for panty lines. You might be surprised! Summer is here and we are wearing lots of white essentials. Be sure to stock up on white and nude colored panties for your pants and shorts. Nothing takes away from a chic look like seeing your floral panty pattern

through your shorts…yikes!

SHAPEWEAR: Today’s shapewear is NOT your mother’s corset. Spandex, nylon and Lycra have given us lots of comfortable options. The right shapewear smoothes out flabby spots without just shifting the weight to another part of the body. Shapewear allows us to cover our liabilities! There is shapewear to trim legs, smooth bustlines, trim the tummy, create a streamlined look through the torso and even cover our “back fat.” Yippee! I will agree, shapewear is not the sexiest look but I promise if you focus on the underpinnings first, YOU will look the sexiest and best ever! You can find shapewear at most retailers and even affordable brands at Target. My “go-to” shaper are spandex camisoles that help fabrics gently flow over my middle. Find the right one for you!

Ladies, learn to LOVE Shapewear. We can Cinch, Slim, Smooth and Boost by wearing proper undergarments. Why not use a little help to enhance Beautiful YOU!

Cindy Lovas

Fashion Consultant

Cindy is accepting clients virtually!

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