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Fashion Tip #5 for the Road: Accessories are a MUST!

By: Cindy Lovas, Fashion Consultant

Have you ever thought of yourself as a cupcake? What?! Of course you are sweet, yet what is a cupcake without the frosting and sprinkles? Unexciting and certainly not fulfilling! It is full of potential, right, but not quite there. Well it is the same with our wardrobe.

Our clothing is simply just the backdrop for the fun “frosting” that adds panache, sparkle and makes a statement. As we continue with fashion tips, our 5th tip takes us on a journey to the Land of Accessories. Ladies, accessories are a MUST! Scarves, belts, hats, shoes, handbags, glasses and jewelry fall under the category of accessories. Eyes are attracted to colorful and “sparkly” objects first so placement of your “frosting” is key to looking younger and pounds thinner.

Let's focus on a few favorites:

1. Scarves: As we move into cooler weather, scarves are a chic way to add layers and bring attention to your face. Whether a silk designer scarf is tied in your hair or around your neck or even on your handbag, silks add color without weight. You might adore a plaid wool and polyester scarf to wear over a crisp white blouse, sweaters or coats to “amp” up

your style. My fall favorite is a white or black tee-shirt paired with a denim jacket and a patterned scarf doubled around my neck to bring interest and warmth for those chilly mornings and evenings.

Pashminas, a heavier weighted silk scarf, is ideal for travel or as an evening wrap for your fancier occasion, even that special date night. Staples won’t seem bland when you add accessories to reinvent them every time you put a new grouping together. Check out consignment stores for great bargains on scarves.

2. Jewelry: Whether you are a bling girl or a girl who likes it simple, jewelry is a go-to statement maker. Beware…nothing ages us like “over-bling," outdated jewelry or huge chandelier earrings. It is wise to edit our accessories every few years as I find women hold onto the same jewelry way too long! Is it time to purge that jewelry box and repurpose the one remaining eagling from a pair (the other one probably isn't going to show up at this point). It's probably time to let go of the silver tarnished rings and shoulder duster earrings from high school!

You will feel so joyful wearing the pieces that you really LOVE ( and now you can find! Lol). As you reestablish your collection of jewelry, think classy…less is more as we age. Hoops, wrap bracelets, layered finer chains with charms, statement rings and chokers add a youthful touch to any outfit.

If you are blessed with many fine jewelry pieces, then wear them. It’s young and chic to wear diamonds with jeans, enjoy these special pieces. To check yourself before you leave home, count up the items that sparkle, including any wardrobe items (metallic boots, shiny jacket buttons, glitter nail polish, crystal bobby pins, belts), and be sure to stay under 8.

3. Belts: Hooray that some of you can still style belts after menopause! For some, those days are past or at least need to be modified because of the menopause middle. Belts can be a fun accessory to use. Think simple tee-shirt tucked into the waistline on one hip, paired with denim jeans and a structured jacket. Then add a designer-looking, wide solid colored

belt with a shiny buckle. That is a young and hip look ladies, then add strappy heeled sandals….YES!

For us that don’t have that skinny waist yet need to define our waistline (remember you rectangle body shapes), try a slender belt instead. If belts are not your thing anymore, no worries, use other accessory options to add panache, there are unlimited ones to choose from!

Accessories are the FUN factor for your outfits that allow you to show off your confidence, your style and your personality. Be bold, be elegant, be understated….but most of all….be your BEAUTIFUL self!

Cindy Lovas

Fashion Consultant

Virtual Appointments Available

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