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Fashion Tips for the Road - Tip#4: Update Make-up and Hair!

Hello Fashion Travellers! We are back on our journey finding Fashion Tips for the Road for mature women. In this article, we will tackle how to update our makeup and hairstyles.

Remember those fun days of deep red lipstick, fully lined eyes, tight ponytails and layers of false lashes? Me too, yet now in our 50’s and 60's, these trends date us!  In this stage of life, we wrestle with drooping eyelids, fine lines & thinning hair. But do not fear! There are many tricks you can use to retain your youthful appearance. 

What do the beauty experts suggest? 

Re-evaluate your foundation: Is it light and barely there? Or might it look like your face is painted? Applying foundation sparingly over a primer for a sheer and smooth finish is the ideal. Primers are the “go-to” product to allow foundation to skim over wrinkles and pores creating a lovely canvas to build upon. 

Next, take a look at your eye shadow: The old way is to use 3 distinct colors blocks on the lid and pearly white at the brow bone, the newer way is to use two neutral colors and blend them. The experts agree that some shade of brown will look good on everyone! If your eyes are green, think brown with khaki undertones, if your eyes are blue, pick sand or taupe and if your eyes are brown, dark almost charcoal brown will work. Again, applying a primer on your lids is a modern solution to keeping  shadows and liner put and evening out skin tones.

Yes, that favorite eyeliner! The old way is to fully line both upper and lower lids with thick black liner and maybe even create “cat eyes” at the edges. Best to leave that look to the younger generation. Mature women need to lighten up the eyes  moving the attention away from fine lines in this delicate area. Rather, line the upper lid only, focusing the liner above the lash line (not to the corner). This will open up the eye and create brightness. It works!  Just found this tip myself and it does make a difference. Since we are talking eyes…

Those lashes! The old way is to apply strips of false lashes to embellish, the new way is to add small clusters of false lashes instead.  Ooolala!

Lips! Have you noticed when you pull out an old lipstick in a dark or super bright color, it doesn’t look as good as it once did? As we age, experts suggest  finding  a perfect shade of pink for your pout. There is a buffet of pinks out there so look for one that is one or two shades lighter than your natural lip color. Mature lips benefit from exfoliating and moisturizing. (I use Carmex every night and morning to help with dryness). Next, dot on some concealer around your lips, wherever you have lines, to prevent the lipstick from feathering into them.  Apply a lip liner in a shade close to your natural lip color. As we age, we can lose our lip definition, so this tip is helpful in making our lips look fuller and shapelier. Are you a gloss girl? Good, the shine adds fullness.

Now that we have our new lighter makeup set, let’s venture into how to update a hairstyle.

Our hair texture might be changing, the volume of hair might be diminishing (this happens to 40% of menopausal women)  or maybe your current style doesn’t cover  forehead  wrinkles..what to do? Here are simple updates that will make you “feel” years younger.

As we age, our faces change so our hairstyle should change too. 

Try cutting angles and layers around your face: These angles add softness and draw attention to your eyes. Have you had longer hair for years? Maybe cut a few inches off or if you have shorter hair, grow it an inch or two.

Change can be fun! Even making small tweaks for a season can be uplifting. Something as simple as switching your part can be a whole new look.

Bangs, bangs, bangs! Nothing says chic like bangs. They accentuate your eyes and camouflage foreheads and receding hairlines. Whether straight bangs or side-sweeping bangs, both brighten the eyes and deflect from your jawline (that might be a little saggy). 

What about hair color? Whether you are going natural or coloring, experts suggest adding highlights to surround your face and the color should be shiny and healthy looking.

You are amazing women, why not look that way as you age? 

What one update will you make today to embrace BEAUTIFUL you? Small changes can bring BIG benefits.


Next time, we will be journeying on into the land of Accessories. 

By: Cindy Lovas

Fashion Consultant

Virtual Appointments Available

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