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Fashion Tips for Women Over 50: Be True To Yourself and Stay Stylish

By Cindy Lovas

Personal Stylist

Have you ever said to yourself, “How did I get here? Wow! I am over 50 years old?!” Forget aging gracefully ladies. The older we get, the better we actually look. Really, it’s true if we know how to dress for our body types. As our maturing bodies begin to change, what worked in our 30’s and 40’s may not work as well in our 50’s and 60’s.  No one is saying not to wear the super-high stilettos, lace camisoles, skin-tight sweaters and mini-skirts if that is your style. However, there are other fashion options to consider as we get older! Here are 8 TOP fashion tips for women over 50. In future articles, we will dig deeper into each tip to help you look stylish and confident as we age.

1. Be YOU: Own your style with confidence. What makes you feel wonderful when you wear it? Are you a floral romantic, tailored classic, boho or minimalist kinda girl? Embrace your shape and embrace whatever style speaks to you.

2. Promote your assets cover your liabilities: We all have them! The areas we like and the ones “not so much.” Identify which areas you want to show off. Have a lovely neck? Then wear V-neck or round-necked tops. Want to disguise your hips? Then wear A-line tops. There are so many imaginative ways to “trick the eye” to visually create new body lines.

3. Learn to LOVE Shapewear: It is all about draping your body well. Clothes should skim over your curves, not be a second-skin. Wearing a spandex camisole under blouses, sweaters or tees can make a huge difference skimming over the “menopause middle” creating a lovely silhouette.

4. Update Makeup and Hair Style: Gone are the days of bright or dark red lipstick that show fine lip lines. Update your look with a softer pink tone. Trends have moved away from heavy eyeliner, noticeable lip liner and bands of glittery eyeshadow. Rather, select one eye-shadow tone and eye-line only the upper lid adding a softer look, taking years off our appearance. Update your hairstyle with long bangs, a side part or highlights to promote a softness to your appearance.

5. Accessories are a MUST: Eyes are attracted to shiny objects first and if most of our shine is above our waist, the eye quickly scans up the body creating a longer line, visually making us look taller and thinner. Necklaces, earrings (dime size or larger), scarves, arm parties (bracelets) are a great “go-to” option. Top wardrobe consultants guide their clients to spend 2/3 of their wardrobe budget on accessories.

6. Sassy Eyewear: For many of us, it is that time in our lives where we many need to wear readers and glasses or feel contact lenses are just a hassle. To stay hip and chic, let go of the eyeglass chain and the nondescript cheapies. This doesn’t mean you need to spend large sums of money on designer glasses. Find fun, artsy, edgy even sexy frames that have unobstructed views of your beautiful eyes. You can look like you have style and are smart.

7. Find that Perfect Pair of Jeans: Ditch the elastic waistbands, mom jeans, jeans that bag or jeans that are too short. You also might want to avoid over-embellished jeans. Dark denim is like the “little black dress” as the must-have staple in every stylish women’s wardrobe. Current styles can slenderize tummies, lift up backsides and visually elongate our legs. Did you know those 55 to 65 years old are the fastest-growing group of denim buyers? With more flattering fits and sophisticated details, jeans now work for almost any occasion. 8. Step into Sexy and Sensible Shoes: There is no need to wear shoes that kill your feet.  Select footwear options that promote both comfort and style! Don’t make purchasing decisions on looks alone. According to podiatrists, women over 50 should wear a full size larger shoe than you wore in your 20’s. You can still wear heels but opt for smaller kitten or stacked heels. Wedges, platforms and D’Orsay’s are styles that also work great as fashionable alternatives.  Leave the gym sneakers for the gym. Purchase stylish sneakers for daytime errands or lounging.

There you have it! Which one of these fashion tips will you try first? Keep checking back with Hello50 to explore each of these 8 tips on how to look stylish and feel confident as we travel this road together.

Cindy Lovas is a Personal Stylist and Hello50 contributor from Westerville, Oh.

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