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Gravity is Taking Over - What Can I do About My Sagging Facial Skin?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Question submitted to Ask Hello50

Many women over 50 look at their saggy, facial skin and search for a non-surgical solution. We received a great question from a New Jersey woman in the Hello50 community who asked:

Gravity has taken over my face! Help! I’ve been keeping myself healthy and fit but day by day I have noticed that my face is sagging. I am not one for cosmetic surgery so I was wondering if anyone had any products that they have used with success.  I’d like to turn my gravity induced frown upside down.

Although surgical options are available, there are a lot of reasons why women don’t want to go under the knife to combat saggy skin. We turned to our newest Hello50 contributor, health, wellness and holistic esthetician JP Ozambela, for her expert advice.  Let’s first talk about what is happening to our skin as we age. We experience muscle depletion, similar to what happens in any other part of our body, and a loss of collagen which is what gives our skin its elasticity. 

Jo explains how non-surgical methods can both build up facial muscles and add back collagen.

1) Facial Exercises:

You can strengthen your muscles with facial yoga and facial exercises.  Danielle Collins is one expert leader in offering facial yoga training.  Work out the 50 plus muscles in your face, neck and scalp with facial yoga.  You will see improvements but it does take time and commitment.  This is not a quick and easy fix, however, if you stick to it, you will see improvements over time.

2) Mechanical Devices:

  • ANOTHER WAY to strengthen and lift your skin is with a micro-current machine. NuFACE is one of many FDA approved home devices that help to stimulate muscle and cell growth. If you are looking for a more potent response, visit an esthetician and get a stronger, micro-current treatment.

  • Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment that can help rejuvenate the skin. Fine needles create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin. This will trigger the body to create new collagen which helps with elasticity.  Depending on the state, this service is provided by a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon or esthetician. Derma-rolling, a form of micro needling, uses a mini wheel covered with tiny needles to gently prick the face. This creates divots in the skin so the body has to heal itself which causes the tightening of the skin.

3) Skin Care Products:

  • BioSil will help by boosting your body’s own production of collagen which will improve skin elasticity. You can find it at any health product store.

  • Chemical exfoliation should be used a few times a week, such as alfa- hydroxy Acids (AHA). This will exfoliate upper layers of skin which will reveal a fresher layer of skin that will appear smoother and more firm. RESIST and Alpha Skin Care are 2 great AHA products.

  • Another chemical option are those containing a retinoid. This will help your skin create more collegian so you could will see an improvement to sagging skin with the retinal products.

  • JP also suggests using products that are phthalate, paraben and parfum free. She also prefers purchasing chemical products from a professional distributor because they have a higher chemical concentration than an over the counter products.

  • Use a mechanical exfoliator with scrubs, sugars and salts to get rid of dead skin. This forces your body to regenerate quicker and improve saggy skin. As we age, skin rejuvenates slower so this helps speed up the process. 

JP also reminds us that getting plenty of sleep and keeping yourself hydrated will always benefit your skin.

If you are looking to get a lift to your saggy skin, try one of these non-surgical methods and see the difference they could make.  From facial yoga, to micro needles and mechanical scrubs, you might just find the solution you have been looking to find.

Thank you JP Ozambela for your expert advice. Learn more about Jo at

We are excited about hearing more contributions from JP in the future.

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