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Happy Blending! Applying Make-Up Has Never Been So Easy!

Lori Machiorlette, CEO of blendSMART, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her super power in business is product development and implementing a business plan to launch a product to market.  Many years prior to blendSMART, which by the way is a  fabulous rotating makeup brush, Lori owned a dating service even before the internet. Imagine that! Her franchise “Together Dating” was successful in creating dozens of marriages by using telemarketers to establish a database of over 7,000 members. After selling her business, Lori and her husband along with his business partner, launched a home products company with two patented lines: TheInstant Pendant and Luxury HVAC grilles. She pushed tooth and nail to keep her productson the floors of major stores

What has really inspired Lori over the past several years is ensuring women everywhere know about blendSMART and how it could benefit them, especially as they age. She found that women don’t always have time, interest or knowledge to work with beauty products and interestingly enough, she puts herself in the category. However, Lori believes in blendSMART and mostly because of the backstory that inspired this product to launch. The product was originally designed by a former model who struggled with applying make-up after an injury. She developed the concept of a rotating brush which mimicks the rapid circular wrist motion that occurs when applying beauty products. blendSMARTwas born after consulting with engineers, designers and makeup artists. This product has had so much appeal to women that it quickly grew especially after “buzz” about it was created by Doris Dalton, who is well known on QVC, and founder of Doll 10 Beauty. 

The product has its loyal followers and has even got a huge boost after it was selected as an "Oprah's Favorite Thing" last year. Lifestyle and beauty guru Jenn Falik promoted it on the Rachael Ray show. 

Let’s look at what exactly this product is and why it is great for women as they age.

If you are looking for a great moisturizer, foundation or blush applicator, blendSMART uses patented spinning brushes to mimic the wrist motion of a professional. It is so simple and after using it, it’s one of those products where you say, “why didn’t I think of that.” (We all have had that experience with a product, right?)  Here is why you will love it:

  • Because of the 190 degree rotation, it is fast, effortless and helps to evenly distribute the product so it doesn’t stick in our fine lines that develop with age.

  • The tool ensures we use less make-up that gives a thin layer of coverage without that caked on look. You will decrease the chance of clogging your pores.

  • If you find that your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, blendSMART helps to blend the make-up better so you don’t have that patchy application that can happen when we don’t see as well as we used to.

  • If you have mobility issues due to age, tremors, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis or other medical challenges, 

  • Rather than touching your face in the era of COVID-19, blendSMART helps  minimize face touching.

Lori is extremely customer-centric in her approach to managing her business.  She shared that even though the vast majority of women love the product, she is sad whenever a woman is not pleased.  She is committed to ensuring her customers are satisfied and takes a great deal of pride in her product.

Do you have an entrepreneurial story to share? Tell us about your business venture or a woman you know who has a story to tell about her journey as a business owner. 

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