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I Want to Listen to Podcasts and Don't Know Where to Begin

Do you want to join the Podcast craze and don’t know where to begin? Podcasts can help you make it through a hard workout, occupy you on a long ride in a car, add a pep to your step when cleaning your home or it can just be an escape while enjoying some alone time. Everyone has a different take of course as to what makes a great podcast. I love a mystery, told with just the right vocal tone, that can keep you so enthralled that you lose all sense of time. I became hooked on Over My Dead Body, produced by Wonderly and hosted by Matthew Shaer. This podcast told the story of an unfortunate murder for hire scheme. Once I started listening, I couldn’t wait each morning to jump on the elliptical and hear what happened next. I could have easily googled to get the rest of the story, but it wasn’t just about knowing how it ended - it was all about taking the journey.

If you want to jump into the podcast scene, hop on over to either Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher or any other podcast hosting platforms to listen to one of these great picks:

Crime and Suspense

Crimetown Crime town explores crimes and culture within different cities in America. Season 1 starts with taking a look at organized crime in Providence, Ri. Some of the scenes are pretty brutal and can be difficult to hear, however, the stories they tell are also intriguing. They keep you entrenched with their deep character and plot development. Give it a listen and if some scenes are too gruesome, you can always advance past the tough parts.

Something Scary Did you enjoy sitting around a campfire as a young girl listening to scary stories? If so, this one might be for you. Something Scary tells creepy ghost stories, urban legends and freaky folktales. Cook up someS’mores and see if the stories take you back to your childhood.

My Favorite Murder This one is a bit quirky. Hosts Karen and Georgia exchange a witty banter with one another as they discuss details of a murder. If you are interested in the twists and turns of a murder investigation, you will enjoy listening. Some people might be entertained by the interaction between the hosts while others may not be impressed by their style of mixing a murder mystery with a humorous undertone.

LifeStyle and Self Help

The Sleep Meditation Podcast Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Try the Sleep Meditation Podcast to help you drift away to your sweet dreams. Which sounds are most comforting to you? Dishwasher white noise, whale sounds or floating in space - try a different one each night and see if you wake up with more energy after a deep sleep.

Twisting the Plot Hosts Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Hannah Murray Starobin interview women over 50 who have twisted their life plots as they reimagine what lies ahead. These two amazing women are funny, compassionate, smart and have the ability to draw you in. If you listed to them, you might even run into the interview conducted with Hello50!

Life Kit I love this concept: Everyone needs a little help navigating through life in one area or another. Peruse through the podcasts and see if something strikes a chord. They have thought about everything - parenting advice, caring for plants, taking a road trip, health tips or helping a friend…there is something for everyone. They talk about light hearted topics and tackle more challenging talks as well. Every discussion might not be of interest but it would be hard not to find something that resonates.


TED Talks Daily TED Talks Daily will introduce you to a whole host of topics that will challenge your perspective, spark your curiosity and introduce you to a new subject matter. They cover topics like Artificial Intelligence, zoology, indigenous languages, race relations and so many more fabulous topics. TED Talks Daily will keep you on your toes!

The Alarmist Are you the kind of person who wants to know the “why’s” behind tragic events? If so, this podcast if for you. Who is to blame for the sinking of the Titanic, Tulsa massacre and the break up of the Beatles? Check out The Alarmist and find out!

Hardcore History Whether you are a history buff or not, you will love diving deep into the past with this podcast. It is an unorthodox approach to many different time periods from years past. This is not your “Grandma’s HS history class.”


This American Life This weekly podcast is hosted by Ira Glass and focuses on American real life stories week after week. If you like digging into the background of a topic from someone who feels stuck in their current life situation to a behind the scenes look at promoting a Jeep dealership, you will find these stories to be intriguing.

Bodies This is such an interesting journey into medical mysteries impacting everyday people. One woman suffers with pain during sex, another combats anxiety and a 16 year old girl struggles with hair growth on her cheeks. What makes the stories so powerful is the strength of the main characters sharing their story.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People Do you meet someone and want to know their life story? I love discovering what makes each person unique. That is what makes this podcast so interesting. The format is so interesting. An anonymous guest calls in talks with host Chris Gethard. The caller divulges family secrets, discloses confessions or enter into philosophical discussions. When that connection is made, there is no saying where the conversation will go.

Download one of these great podcasts today and enjoy a little escapism. Once you get started, you will keep going back for more.

Tell us which podcast keeps you returning for more episodes!

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