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Internet Sensation Tammy Ortery is Enjoying the Ride

We have all fallen in love with the latest internet sensation,Tammy Ortery, who has gone viral with her vibrant dance videos and sparkling personality. You can not help but smile when watching her move to the groove of hip hop, Motown and pop favorites. Tammy, a Newport News, Virginia resident and High School Guidance Secretary, now has a huge presence on Tik Tok with over 200,000 FOLLOWERS and more than 25 MILLION VIEWS in just over three months. She also has thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  

We had the opportunity to speak with Tammy and ask her about her journey to global sensation. She explained, “my daughter and I danced in a video, and my daughter’s friend said your mom should go on Tik Tok.  A month later, it took off.”  Since those initial days, Tammy has received messages as far away as Canada, Germany, and Bangladesh. Tammy has appeared on “Good Morning America” and “Breakfast Television” out of Canada. Tammy told us that her husband and children are really proud of her and see this moment as just mom being mom. 

Tammy’s friends, family, and colleagues know that she loves to dance. “I have always been the first person on the dance floor, the social butterfly, and class clown.” When Tammy worked at her previous school, she was known around the building for bringing the energy to pep rallies, showing the young people how it’s done at school dances, and putting a smile on everyone’s face while busting moves during third period. She also shared that she has a passion for entertainment and that she is surprised that this all happened at this age in her life. “I am enjoying this time in my life. When it is your time, it’s your time. Enjoy the ride.”  

Tammy strives to maintain the genuineness of her dancing, and wants people to understand that when she posts her contagiously fun dance videos, it’s because she wants to dance. Tammy said “I haven’t changed as a person. I am still just Tammy being Tammy.” She doesn’t want it to be “put on” or contrived for followers. She explained that it is important for her to stay true to herself because dancing brings her joy and she loves being able to share that with others. “This experience has been so overwhelming but also really fun and exciting.” 

Tammy has captured the attention of Hollywood stars too. Janet Jackson shared one of Tammy’s videos on her instagram and singer, Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson recreated one of her dances. She has even signed two autographs! “I am a praying woman, and what is meant to be will happen.” Tammy told us that there are some more big things in the works so stay tuned to see where else this adventure takes her.

Tammy, you look like you are having a blast and you are an inspiration to other women over 50 who are thinking about taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone. If you keep on dancing, we will keep on smiling...enjoy the ride! 

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