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My Style Is...Breaking Down the Fashion Quiz

By Cindy Lovas

Did you know within 4 minutes of meeting someone, that person will make 11 assumptions about you? He will decide how educated you are, she will make assumptions about your economic position and conclusions will be made about how much success you have achieved. Even character based assumptions are made about your morality, and if you have future potential. Yep, 55% of communication is our appearance (non-verbal) and 93% of lasting impressions come in these 4 minutes. Not a great first impression?  It will take 4 more positive meetings before any first negative impressions can move to the positive. What does this mean? How you present yourself leaves a lasting impression.

You may ask, “How do I blend a good impression with my “Be YOU” style?” These Fashion tips will help as we dig deeper each week on specific areas. This week, we are diving more into embracing your “personal style”. Do you know your fashion personality? Did you even know you had a fashion personality? Now that you have taken the quiz and tallied up your responses, match them up to these styles and tips:

1. Predominant answer is A: Then you may consider your style is Natural/Minimalist. Think comfortable yet chic, sporty and healthy with a relaxed easy style. You generally have no interest in being a “clothes horse” nor do you care much about standing out in a crowd. Natural/Minimalists never want to look overdone. You prefer breathable fabrics like cotton, denim and spandex.  Dressing flashy is not your thing, so neutrals are your preferred color scheme and you tend to prefer smaller accessories.  

2. If you count more B responses: Your style is Classic/Tailored. Consider your look as understated elegance, classic yet tailored silhouettes. You may enjoy time-honored quality and design, usually streamlined with simple lines. Your accessories are chic and simple yet never overdone or underdone. You generally prefer neutral basic colors but occasionally wear pastels or brights if the silhouette is classic. Cashmere, wool, silk and linen are your “go-to” fabrics.

3. If you chose more “C” answers: consider yourself a Romantic/Boho kinda girl. Think feminine, florals, vintage, lace, ruffles and enchanting designs. Anything with soft flowing lines you love. Since you embrace everything feminine, you are attracted to pinks, plums and lavenders. Soft fabrics like gauze, suede, lace, cotton and velvet are your first choices. A Romantic likes antique-looking accessories with a leaning toward more delicate pieces.

4. If “D” is your answer of choice most often: your “go-to” style is Dramatic/Fashionista. Think bold. Not only in your choices but chances are it’s your personality too! Eye-catching and trendy designs, strong colors and prints attract you. If others would wear these same pieces, it would be shocking but it looks just right on you. Most likely, your closet is full of matching shoes and handbags for every occasion and for every outfit. You are comfortable wearing larger accessories and don’t mind being noticed when you walk into a room.

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Cindy Lovas

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