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Stay Productive and Sane While Covid-19 Runs Rampant

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We all wake-up each morning to new closures, guidelines and universal impacts to our lives because of Covid-19. As women in our age group, we are uniquely impacted by the coronavirus as we ensure mom has a 3 month supply of her meds, we manage our own risk factors and convince our children it is actually NOT a great time to jump on a plane just because flights to Ft. Lauderdale are $49. This virus highlights how much we straddle multiple generations when providing family care. How do we tend to our family’s needs as we maintain our own sanity?

1) “You must put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” Take time each morning to recharge your battery so you have the capacity to help others. Add an additional 10 minutes to your morning coffee routine or spend time meditating. Make sure you find your own inner peace to start your day.

2) Stay informed but avoid the hysteria. Read the necessary updates so you are following the latest recommended guidelines but don’t over indulge and create additional stress.

3) Find a new diversion to productively occupy your time. Start a virtual book club, set work-out goals or use YouTube to learn a DIY project. Utilize online resources and connections to take up a new hobby!

4) Participate in the Hello50 Stay at Home Challenge! Send us your photos or videos to and we will share on our website and social media sites. Whether it is re-modeling a bathroom, teaching online, cooking or baking, knitting or gardening, we want to know what you are doing. Send before and after pictures of your newly cleaned basement or organized closet. Are you binge watching TV shows with your dog? If so, send those photos or videos! Do you like to write? Think about any topic that has an impact on women as we age and send your article to

Finally, if you have any great stress management or practical life management tips that are currently working for you, share them with us so we can help one another during this time!

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