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Swimsuit Shopping CAN be Fun! Find the Best Suit for Your Shape

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By: Cindy Lovas

Are you like me, needing motivation and an extra dose of courage when shopping for a new swimsuit? It’s not my favorite type of shopping for sure…I come face to face with my body’s assets and liabilities! Yet, don’t fear, with a few tips, you will be rocking that new swimsuit for years!

Let’s focus on which swimsuit silhouettes work best with each body shape.  Need a refresher to know which body shape best describes your body type? Check out Fashion Tips for the Road: Be You.

Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Rectangle or Inverted Triangle…there is a sassy swimsuit just for BEAUTIFUL you! So put on your badge of courage and let’s go.

Hourglass Shape: Shoulders and hips are close to the same width with a significantly smaller waist. With this balanced shape, it is important to select a suit that keeps the waistline slim. A flowy tankini is too much coverage and will add pounds…yikes! Look for styles that cinch the waist and play off your curves.

Pear Shape: Narrow shoulders in comparison to wider hips and a medium waistline make the Pear shape a perfect candidate for embellished or printed tops and drapey fabrics that fall over the hips. The new trendy ruffle top is an ideal choice to balance out hips and shoulders. Ooooolala!

Yeah…you’re still with me!

Apple Shape:  Shoulders and hips can be similar in width yet you have rounded curves and an undefined waistline. Ugh…that menopause middle. You can look sassy even in these years. Can I tell you a secret? I’m TOTALLY into ruching at the waist and the MiracleSuit brand that keeps tummies tucked in tight.

Rectangle Shape:  Shoulders and hips are similar width yet there isn’t much of a waistline. This shape is often called the “boyish silhouette.”  Defining the waist with your swimwear style is key. Look for belts or interesting details at

the waistline or choose a bottom brief with a bikini top.

Have you found your shape yet?

Inverted Triangle:  Shoulders are broad and wider than hips with a medium waistline. Look for swimwear with detailed bottoms….ruffles, ties, prints and a simple neckline. Sweetheart and V-necklines help balance the shoulders and create beautiful symmetry.

You did it! You made it through the Swimwear Challenge. Now you can shop with confidence, playing up your amazing assets and covering liabilities. Enjoy summer while looking SASSY!

By: Cindy Lovas

Fashion Consultant

Virtual Appointments Available

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