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The Best Sweater Picks for the Winter

With the arrival of winter and the cold weather upon us, let's

celebrate cozy, winter sweaters. From perfect cream-colored cable knits

to bold orange hues, there are great sweater picks for the season. Yes, it is

possible to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Here are some of our expert

selections for the best sweater to wear this winter:

Vintage Inspired Sweater

These sweaters are wonderfully warm, giving you a little retro vibe, and

everybody loves a bit of vintage in their closet. We recommend you go for

something multi-colored, a cheerful knit sweater for this year’s winter. We

guarantee this will give you the right amount of coolness to overcome this


Fringe Style Sweater

Warm in its texture, quirky in its embellishment, a fringe knit sweater delivers

both coziness and style in just the right amount. Pair it with your standard bell-

bottom jeans or a catchy vinyl trouser. Whatever style you pick, you will

definitely turn some heads on your way.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks are amazing; they give you the extra bit of comfort you want in the

neck area. This frame turtleneck has a super warm and cozy feel, featuring a relaxed silhouette that goes well with just about any trouser or waisted skirt.

Prairie Sweater

If medieval inspired dresses fascinate you, then you’re going to love the prairie sweater. This will be your favorite item in your wardrobe this winter! When the temperatures plummet, not only is it stylish, but it screams cozy or what the Danish like to call it, Hygge.


The Pointelle sweaters are setting trends this year and will continue to

ride the fashion waves for a while. One of the best sweater picks for this year,

Pointelle sweaters are what you call the perfect blend of casual and comfort, especially if you like wearing shirts underneath sweaters.

Crochet Patterned Sweaters

If you’re going for a more adorable and cuter look, this sweater checks all the

boxes. The patterned crochet sleeves make sure the sleeves don’t fall off. The

overall look of this sweater is oversized, perfect for both home wear and


Cropped Sweater

Cropped lines, puffed up shoulders with an elegant and flattering look, this is

one of the best outfits you’re going to have this winter. This sweater has got all

the ingredients of a laid-back look that doesn’t overpower the rest of your attire.

Don't limit yourself this winter. Try all of these looks and see what works best for you!

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