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Three Ways Essential Oils Have Improved My Life

by Sharon Rhodes

For years, I suffered with allergies and respiratory issues. I recall getting sick on every family vacation when I was a child. My parents would usually take us to cool places that had long hikes, mountain streams, and lots of woods. I was allergic to almost everything that grew. Pine trees are the worst and there are lots of pines around my Mid-Atlantic home.

As an adult, those allergic reactions got worse and so did my respiratory infections. I was finally diagnosed with asthma and told, “It will only get worse as you get older.” That was so depressing yet it prompted me to figure out how I could stop the progression of respiratory distress.

During a pretty impressive bout of coughing, wheezing and sneezing, someone offered me a little bottle of liquid. She said, “Just breathe it.” I did and felt immediate relief! I felt my sinuses open up and my breathing got easier. 

I didn’t know what was in the bottle but my friend said it was essential oils. She gave me the bottle and I went home amazed at how well I could breathe! I also started searching the internet to find how I could get another bottle.

The rest is history. I began using essential oils with skepticism, yet they always seemed to work wonders. Today, I use them every single day and have done so for over 15 years. I studied their chemistry and how they work in the body. I became a teacher and an aromatherapy coach and to this day, I teach anyone who is interested about these amazing essential oils.

Here are 3 ways I have found that essential oils work for me:

1. They help keep me healthy. Some oils support my immune system while others boost my endocrine system. There are oils that soothe my skin and others relax tense muscles. The teeny tiny size of the molecules, thousands in each drop, are so small that they can penetrate the cells and pass through the blood-brain barrier. That enables them to protect, mend and support at the cellular level in a way that enables my body to maintain balance and optimal health.

2. They uplift my emotions. Time prevents a long explanation so let me just say that they raise the frequency of my Being as well as help release any emotions that no longer serve my well-being. SInce the things in plants that normally trigger my allergies are not found in pure essential oils, I have had NO reactions to any of them, even pine essential oil. 

3. They make our home safer because I’ve eliminated all the products that contain harsh, harmful ingredients that threaten our health. I use essential oils and oil-infused products to clean everything in our home. I use them for laundry, dishes, windows, carpets – EVERYTHING! Their pure aromas are so much nicer and healthier than synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals found in almost every household cleaning product on the market, even those labeled “all natural.”

I’ll close by saying I’m healthier and happier today than I was 15 years ago. I know it’s largely because of the essential oils along with healthier food choices, stress management, sleep, exercise, and conscious language. All essential oils are not equal. After trying many other brands and visiting the farms, distilleries and laboratories, I choose to use only Young Living essential oils. Their “seed to seal” promise of purity and authenticity sets them apart from all other companies. I trust their 25 plus years of experience. I always know when I open a bottle of Young Living essential oil that it will bless my body, mind and spirit mightily.

Sharon Rhodes Young Living Distributor

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