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Tips for Enjoying Tiny House Living

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

How many of you have dreamed about completely changing how you live or downsizing your home after turning 50? Maybe you have thought about living a more simple life but you don’t know how to go about making those changes. We spoke with Tony and Charlie Perez, owners of TINYHOMIEZ, about their quest to live a more “practical life” as they call it. They have been married 22 years and have spent much of that time traveling the world. 

Tony and Charlie love the freedom that Tiny House living offers them.  They have always lived “small” so they would have the opportunity to travel more.  They have also experienced life changing journeys which have impacted their world vision. “We also started to do volunteer work teaching construction all over the world from Colombia, to Bolivia and to Africa, which have been amazing experiences.”

The Perez’ went on to explain that they had lived in Nigeria and with that experience, they really took a closer look at their own lives.  They shared that when they returned home from Nigeria, they could buy a home but did they want to. After living a more simpler life with their Nigerian friends, they decided on a tiny house and have not looked back.   

Given their love for a more simpler lifestyle, they are inspired to help other people achieve their dreams as well. Given Tony’s 27 years of construction experience, not only have they effectively trained others all over the world to build their own homes, but they also have started their own business. “Just as the client picks their builder...we also want to pick our clients. We must be the right fit for both of us to be happy. Plus, we only plan to build so many a year since we live simply with no bills”  Charlie shared that they don’t call themselves “minimalists.” “Why do we need so many rooms and so much house, we thought? Minimalism is great and we don't knock it but we do need more than one or two items. We have a practical approach..what we need and use is what is in our tiny home. Plus, we have a 6' closet...for my mental health...I need some clothes!”  Charlie broke it down this way: “Our business is working for us, supporting our lifestyle instead of the other way around. We plan on still keeping it simple and volunteering and traveling.”

Tony and Charlie are happy with their lifestyle and the 28ft X 8ft (224 sq ft) home they built for themselves. They find it to be less stressful and prior to COVID-19, they had lots of time for friends and family.  They only work four days a week and plan when they build a tiny home for their clients. Charlie assures us, “Yet, don't worry...we get the work done in under two months depending on the size.”  

If you are thinking about downsizing to a tiny house, there are a lot of considerations:

  • What are your goals? Are you looking for a more simpler lifestyle, decrease in bills, a new adventure, or maybe you want a small home space so you can then travel more.

  • Can you live in a home as small as 60 sq ft up to 500 sq ft on the larger side.

  • Where will you build the home? Some state restrictions might impact where you build.

  • Home represents so much more than the space - have you considered the emotional attachment when it comes to your home.

  • Will your home be near medical facilities which is of course a concern with age.

  • Are you used to having large family holiday gatherings or entertaining friends? Will you accept NO longer having that option?

  • Will you sell everything or keep your belongings in storage in case you find that tiny house living is not for you?

We asked Charlie what two things she recommends to women in our Hello50 community when it comes to starting over or pursuing a new life adventure: 

1) Serving others and living a simple life really does keep you grounded and happy. 

2) Small changes and goals can help you reach the life you want. 

If you are looking for a new life adventure after 50, make a list of goals and think about how you can change your lifestyle. If you are considering tiny home living, take a look at a really cool house plan by TINYHOMIEZ and start simplifying your life!Send us an email at and share with us what dreams you have about starting a new life adventure.

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