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Tips to Break Out from Your Covid Lazy Beauty Routine

By: Valorie Albertini

Has your beauty routine become Covid Lazy?? I found myself going out with a touch of mascara and a mask. Then it became normal only adding lipstick maybe for Zoom meetings seemed like a lot. This is not about vanity but image, and pride in our appearance and ourselves. As my friend Marijo says “my mother had her hair done every week until she

passed away. It was pride in her appearance and in herself. “

Don’t let dry skin make you look older than you feel! Let’s be real. Of course, skin

doesn’t look like it did when we were 25. Skin that is smooth and hydrated makes us

feel better. So, sluff off the old so the new can show through… Exfoliate and do it with a

scrub/mask or a facial with dermabrasion...and moisture, moisture, and moisture

(not an oily base).

Spray 3 times a day. Use a spray with the essentials that our skin needs: hyaluronic acid,

vitamin B5 and Na-pca (mist me)

Is it time to rejuvenate your wardrobe? Ditch the sweatpants. Ditch the leggings. Be the spark of joy…Get out of the house. Make the effort. Dress it up. Snap out of it.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” Eleanor Roosevelt.

“A woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in

hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Valorie Albertini has been involved with many aspects of the beauty business for the

past 30 years. She was recruited by Jerri Reddding and spent years testing new products

as Jhirmack’s Manager of Skin Care and Cosmetics. During her 9 years with Sebastian

International, she served as Director of New Product Development as well as their

corporate emcee and speaker worldwide. Companies such as Mastey de Paris, Tressa

and Murad have utilized my skills and knowledge lecturing for them around the world,

from Tokyo to Rome and extensively throughout the United States. Her years of

experience have given her the ability to navigate through the haze of beauty fiction and

fact with clarity and common sense. She is a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, and


To learn more about her product line, visit Albertini International.

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