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Why We Should Feel More Comfortable in Our Skin with Every New Wrinkle

If we asked much younger versions of ourselves how comfortable we felt in our skin, our answers would be based more on how we looked than how we felt as a person. We once had a set of values that differ from the ones we focus on as women over 50. Our priorities and expectations shift gradually over time. Here are 4 reasons why some women feel more comfortable in their skin despite visible signs of aging:

1) We are confident in what we know: At this point in our lives, we have refined a set of skills or knowledge base. Whether we are a technology wiz, gourmet cook, career superstar or DIY queen, we have developed a level of expertise. We look to our strengths to find new opportunities such as mentoring, teaching or branching out into new careers or interests.

2) I am who I am: As we age, we are more committed to our values and living true to who we are. In our younger years, we were figuring out what we believed and valued and we were busy fine tuning our life perspective. As we mature, we have a better understanding of who we are not just physically, but spiritually and mentally. We no longer just follow the crowd.

3) We don’t care as much about others' perception of us: As we learn and grow, we don’t have as much of a need to look to others for affirmation. We focus on what makes us happy rather than worrying about how others perceive us. We also gravitate to those who share our beliefs and values.

4) Societal rules are not our rules: We develop our own sense of “what’s right for me” rather than allow societal norms to dictate how to live our lives. We find comfort in our own voice more and more with every passing year rather than accommodating societal expectations.

The things that used to contribute to our sense of comfort with ourselves, like a great pair of jeans or how we looked in a bathing suit, have shifted to more of a personal sense of well-being and the welfare of family and friends. Living out your own voice is the key to happiness. Waste no time, look in the mirror and celebrate the wrinkles as you focus on a stronger sense of self!

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