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Women Bloggers Over 50 are Making their Mark: Let's See What they Have to Say

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Blogging has become such a great way over the past decade to communicate areas of passion and expertise to an audience. We launched Hello50 with the goal of SHARING CONTENT that is of interest to women over 50 as well as HIGHLIGHTING women over 50 living their best lives.  Dr. Cecilia Dintino and psychotherapist Hannah Starobin, bloggers and co-hosts of the podcast Twisting the Plot say it best! Rather than thinking in terms of our years behind us, reimagine what your future story could be.  Well it looks like women in the over 50 club have been busy reimagining their life journey and many have chosen to write about it! Perhaps we have more time on our hands with age or maybe fewer distractions but one thing is certain - women over 50 are blogging. The good thing is they shine a light on topics that impact women, they ensure their voices are heard and women over 50 bloggers represent the interests of women in the over 50 community! The blogs cover a whole myriad of topics including travel, relationships, fashion, beauty tips, humor, health, fitness, spirituality, social justice and a whole lot more!  

We reached out to five, fantastic women bloggers over 50 who keep readers (and podcast listeners) entertained, informed and inspired.  Here is what they have to say: 

1) Linda Peavy

Cultured Curves

@culturedcurves1, Instagram

Linda strikes the perfect blend with beautiful imagery and inspirational content. Her blog features fashion forward styles for curvy women as well as great writing! 

Linda shared with Hello50 “The goal of Cultured Curves: Sophisticated Style, Fashion, & Beauty is to empower curvy women over 50 through motivational messaging, fashion, and style advice. I want plus size women over 50 to live their best…in the present and not 10, 20, or 30 pounds from now. I am a strong advocate of body positivity that begins with BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, starting with self.” Linda went on to explain “As it pertains to retail, in this current “plus size boom,” women over 50 have not been equally embraced as part of the market. We are vibrant, intelligent, sexy, and have more substantial disposable income than our younger counterparts. We need to be recognized.” 

2) Lorraine Miano

The Magic of Menopause

@themagicofmenopause, Instagram

If you are looking for a blog chock-full of information about menopause, hormonal balance, nutrition and more, visit The Magic of Menopause. Lorraine shares resources and provides support through her blog and social media sites. She has written extensively about menopause and you might even find Lorraine at a speaking engagement. Lorraine told us “As we approach our magical menopause years, now more than ever, midlife bloggers have the power to hold each other up as we provide each other with positive support and resources.  We are all in this together.”  Hello50 couldn’t agree more!

3) Kathy Marris

50 Shades of Age


When you read Kathy’s travel blog, you will think you are on vacation with the fam!  She provides valuable destination information, where to stay and what to expect. Not only will you read informative travel information, but there are blogs good for the soul - check out her mind and body content as well.  Kathy shared some insight as to why she started blogging: “You might call it a mid-life crisis. I was in my fifties, an empty nester, menopausal and bored with my part time bookkeeping job. I came up with the idea to start up a blog for the over fifty woman as a way to inspire them and encourage them to make the best of their lives. So 50 Shades of Age was born and I wrote about all types of issues that face women of a certain age. However, after I travelled around Australia in a caravan in 2014 the blog evolved into a travel and lifestyle blog. These days it is still a travel blog that has allowed me to show off my brilliant photos of my travels both in Australia and all around the world.”  

Kathy shared with us that one of the great things about blogging are the people she has met.  Challenges she encounters are challenges in the ever changing world of technology.  Finally, Kathy has added that there has been a huge increase of women over 50 blogging since she started in 2012. 

4) Dr. Cecilia Dintino and psychotherapist Hannah Starobin

Twisting the Plot

@Twistingplot on Instagram

Dr. Cecilia Dintino and psychotherapist Hannah Starobin shared with us that they know that midlife can be a bumpy ride without clear roadmaps.  It can also be an opportunity for growth and change. Twisting the Plot provides creative inspiration, tools for change, and a chance to tell your story.  They went on to say that together we imagine new futures and learn how to get there.  

"At you can enjoy our podcast, read our blogs and tell us your story."

If you listen to Twisting the Plot, you will be captivated by the resilience of some of the women they interview, amazed by the journey of others and most certainly humored given the quick wit and charm of the co-hosts.

5) Kathy Lien

50 Is the New 50 Blog

@50isthenew50blog on instagram

Kathy has an inviting approach to sharing fashion forward styles.  She uses a series of photos to demonstrate how to dress up or down an outfit or a variety of ways to wear a shirt.  WIth over 12,000 followers Kathy is making a huge impact on Instagram by providing vibrant make-up tutorials and fashion reveals. Because of her informative delivery and upbeat personality, Kathy has successfully developed a strong following.  

Check out their platforms and enjoy these fantastic bloggers' content! You won't be disappointed. If you have a passion or topic to talk about, now might be the time for you to start your blog.

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