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I Want to Listen to Podcasts but I Don't Know Where to Begin!

Do you hear people talk about podcasts and you don't what to listen to?  Check out some great recommendations for podcasts that you will be sure find interesting! Not sure which podcast host app to use? Take a look at the suggestions.

Making Sense of Social Media: FaceBook, Twitter Instagram and Tik Tok
So many platforms, so many options. Social media can get a bad wrap but if used responsibly, it can be a healthy way to stay connected, find entertainment and learn something new!
Remembering the 4Th of July of Years Past: A Time of Innocence

I Looked forward to my small town 4th of July celebration every year starting the first day of summer.  As an adult, it brings me back to a time of innocence.  Our summers were full with games, exploration and playing outside with friends all day.The 4th reminds me of that time of innocence. 

Equality, Love and Justice: Our Commitment to the Hello50 Community
Hello50 is a safe, inclusive platform committed to supporting women over 50.  Take a look at our commitment to the Hello50 community. 

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